Seo Projects Sources

The world is not aware of Seo so is India, because of this it is quite easy to get seo projects.
There are many websites in the world but most of them either do not know what SEO is or are not aware of the word as on whole. So this helps us in getting SEO projects at our door.

Google adwords is the advertisement platform of google meaning any website which wants visitors pay google per click amount for its ad (text or image) to be displayed in the google partner websites (google adsense approved websites), Such ads can be seen at the top (first 3) and at the right side of some search results, these websites are very desperate of getting the top rank in the organic search results as it costs them nothing, so approaching them can yield you a good number of projects.

Source to Sell google adsense accounts

Many website owners just dont have knowledge on google adsense, they don't even know that there is something called as google adsense, in-fact there are so many websites with page rank 4,3,2 but have no ads in their site though they get 1000's of visitors to their website daily, these visitors can be turned to money through google ads, approaching such website owners can help you in selling google adsense accounts.

Hot Searches In Google

Google search provides us with the current hot searches in its search engine through various websites, which are categorized according to the time period of search.
Namely there are 3 such sites :
1. Trends - Gives Every hour hot search in Google.
2. Insights - Gives every week hot search in google.
3. Zeitgeist - Gives every year hot search in google.

These websites also give hot searches specific to any place or country. Following such search trends one can expect good number of visitors to your website just if you publish a page on the trend with fully on-page SEO Optimized as the competition is generally null for such words because they are fresh searches.

Using this technique easily and very fast you can get 1000's of page veiws to your website daily.

Remember during this process to Digg and Ping your page immediately after you have created the page to infrom the search engine about the page you have added to your site.

Websites for Hot Searches

On - page Updation -  Meta Geo tag
Recently a new tag has been added in the SEO called as Geo tag, meaning the Geographic tag which is used for targeting the visitors from a specific region, Combination of Google search trends and Geo tag can give fruitful results to you immediately. This again is a meta tag and has to be entered with the other meta tags that we have already seen.

It is said that ranking becomes easier with respect to region-specific when Meta Geo tags are used for your webpages.

Points to remember for successful adsense account in google

1. Apply adsense only after 6 months of your website development and see that you have atleast 50 posts published, neatly designed.

2. Before applying for adsense through your original site, try to open the adsense account from a dummy blogger site through the method stated below:

Open a blogger website, go to the 'monetize' option and then sign-up for the adsense.

3. There are more than 50% chances that adsense account would be approved through this method, in case it doesn't work, open yet another blogger account (requires one more e-mail id) and do the same from a different ip address, please note that google adsense does not approve more than 1 account from the same ip address, repeat the tasks till you get the adsense approval for your free blogger, after you get the approval place ads in your original site too.

Highly successful rates of google adsense 3rd party tools:

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

 : Google adsense is the advertising platform of google wherein the website / blog owners can place the ads in thier website that are provided by google adsense google shares 70% commission it gets for the ads with the website owners.

There are two types of revenues from advetisements:
1. ppc (pay per click) - it ranges from Rs.3 - Rs.300, herein you get paid per click of the ad. Each ad has got a different ppc, to roughly check the ppc of each of the keywords make use of the google keyword tool.

2. Pay per Impressions - Hererin, google pays website owner  per 1000 impressions an amount between Rs.1 - Rs.200 generally.

3. You can have a maximum of only 3 banner ad sections of google ads per webpage, though you can place codes for any number of ad sections but the display would be only for random 3 sections dynamically.
You can also have 3 link ads per webpage, 2 google custom search ads and video ads as well if you have TV or Video controls in any webpage.
The gaming websites also have an add on google ads.

4.Once you have got the approval from the google adsense, you can have unlimited sites that can place the ads, and it all works as long as you follow each and every rule of the google adsense.

5.Do read the terms and conditions of google adsense carefully before you are applying to it.

Points to be noted in SEO For Website

1. Always see that you have the social bookmarking and social netoworking website buttons at the end of each post/page. You can get their codes if you do a little research in google. such codes should always be placed just before the closing body tag (</body>) in the edit html section of your website.

2.To avoid broken link and interconnect related inner pages within your site, go to, get the code and paste it just before the closing body tag ( < /body>) of your website's edit html page.

3.Trick to get spinned articles:

Go, to and copy your article in english and convert to some language and then do the vice-versa, the result would be spinned english article where the words are different but meaning remains the same.
You can also copy good articles directly from regional sites and convert it into a unique article, for this you have to make use of google regional search.

Note : After the articles are spinned, see that you have your keywords in it, if not stuff it to get the appropriate Keyword density.